About the COVID category

With COVID basically being the new theme of everything. I thought it should have it’s own category.

f you’re one of those people who is convinced that the kung flu is a hoax, what do you propose to do about it? Piss and moan? Post your ever so insightful takes to social media? Here’s an idea, why not go along to President Trump’s next presser and confront him with the fact that the jig’s up, that you’ve caught him in a lie and I’m sure he’ll just throw his arms in the air, say, ‘you got me, bro’, and immediately return everything to normal.

What do you expect a people, who willingly comply with the dictates of a morally bankrupt and overblown establishment, to do about anything?

Your government doesn’t need to stage elaborate hoaxes to do shady shit. They regularly do shady shit right in front of you and you do nothing other than piss and moan.