Another Caravan

Asylum Seekers Massed on US-Mexico Border Celebrate Reports of Joe Biden Victory

Kinda makes a guy wonder who is feeding and housing all these people?
You know, for the next 60 days. Biden can’t do a thing before Inauguration, even if he were to win SCOTUS challenge.

You know Soros is the one paying for it.

But I’m starting to think Soros is just a front man for even more money and names that would shock us to learn.

What if we can be shocked anymore…

You’re the second person to say that to me. Like someone else is using George Soros as a human VPN.

Zucky is also in for millions at the election front.
Can’t imagine he’s not in the caravan support somewhat.

Wouldn’t surprise me about Zucl, but I think most of his money is invested in tech.