Brotherhood. The undeniable urge to lift our brothers either side of us as they in turn, lift us.
It is said that a rising tide lifts all boats, and this, indeed, is true.
The tide which today raises us may tomorrow slam against our brothers, rendering their craft through this life of turmoil, to matchsticks. Play things of the waters and of God.
We must always be in the lookout for brothers who are suffering, silently, in our midst. Those struggling with family break up, suffering with illness and death, suffering with addiction, suffering with their mental health.
No man among us may say that they alone have suffered. That they alone have weathered the storm thrown against them and came out the stronger for it on the other side.
No man can say that they needed no help or intervention of any kind. All of us, in our moments of suffering, instinctively reach out to someone. Sometimes, anyone who will listen.
We must be in the look out for behavioural abnormalities in people we know well.
Simply asking whether they are alright and if they are dealing with anything can often be the greatest gift we can accommodate each other.