Burning Ballots

People do this with no cares as if you are stealing a pack of gum but in reality if caught you are looking at federal crime with possible treason or terrorist charges. You will not get probation. You will not get a light sentence for crying in front of the judge But you will probably get 40+ years in prison.

This is crazy, I never expected the evidence to be so easily available for such a serious crime. What do these people think they are doing? Interfering with the legitimacy of our elections is a serious crime, people need to be able to have confidence that their vote counts if we expect the system to ‘keep working’ (not that I agree the ‘American’ system works very well, regardless of interference…).
I got to say that it is incredible to me that these people are so stupid to record video evidence, but it is probably like keeping a memento from the murder they committed, so that they can revive the feeling of excitement they had for their ‘kill’.
I am glad this information has come to light, even though I am against trump. I was against biden too, but that doesn’t really matter, because what I am really interested in is a free and fair election. I personally have democratic tendencies but do not identify as a democratic party member. I got a libertarian ballot this year, and didn’t even cast a vote because our votes don’t matter, and here is even more proof of that!
Despicable! These people (political criminals, wearing blue) need to be dealt with severely, even by people who play ball for the same color jersey (law abiding blue folk). BTW, I must say, that tampering with the popular vote is quite anti-democratic!