China trying to drive the US to it's death

Remember Chyna Communists back the Dems…

Chinese Dr. Li Yi, Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Illinois: “We’ll soon surpass the U.S., they will not survive, we’ll drive the U.S. to its death”


I hope no one is especially worried about this. This is a non-factor and not worthy of stress.

  1. Communists boast. That’s what they do. All of them. Saddam Hussein boasted about how he would destroy American soldiers and sailors. Kim Jong Etc. all boasters. It’s their thing. Can’t listen. Can’t believe. Can’t worry about it. The Communist Media will naturally give them full podium without challenge.

  2. China has been a “threat” for my entire life. But let’s look at how competent they really are. 1938 was their last big fight. They got their ass handed to them by Japan during the Rape of Nanking. They’ve never killed anyone except other Chinese. Unarmed Chinese, for the most part.

  3. Economically? Well, they might talk like they’ll bury us, but remember, their debt and exchanges are all monetized in US dollars. When we die, they die. Seems a bit hollow.

I hope you’re right.