Civil Disobedience

Americans and humans, in general, will learn one way or another that government is not working for us but for the machine that elects them, and by obeying their laws and following their system it just encourages them to create more laws and more systems for you to obey. There is a way to fight the system and the machine while bringing others to your side and this way is showing to them that the system is not on their side but the system is just working to keep them as servants by dividing us. When the majority of Americans realize the result of the new administration are, monetary inflation, high unemployment rate, and wars, only then they will understand the true meaning of America first and all the other countries will learn from it too.

Bitcoin slides to 10-day low amid fears of tighter regulations under Biden

One of the first economic moves from Biden was to fight Bitcoins by that we should understand that the main way to fight Biden is trading Bitcoins. I don’t understand about Bitcoins, but for sure we all should start learning because is there is a way to win the machine is making them broke.

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