Coffee Is On!

Today we are having to leave the work to do to the family and people who will defend the fort. The digital war is so much like the American Revolution is would make you awaken alone if you were one who knew your history.

Here’s the real issues I see, I have been hurt by MOB TACTCS and a cabal of evil people in my area just like all citizens of the USA.

Now I have to let my kids take the wheel and manage the affairs of the family. They don’t believe me when I tell them anything about how I found it all. Some day they will all know. Some know now and are witness to thse thigs. They have been witness to other events that did and will prove my stance.

So of you are at all discouraged, remember, you are not the only one having these issues. The Bible says it will happened and we are seeing it.

NOTICE: In the last 3 weeks I have made possible the hand off of the burden that would become a millstone to the truth movement and my life. I leave it in hands who will defend the fort, even though he/they don’t always understand the levels at which I am working and have for all my career.

No amount of money was worth the souls of as many as the DS has gone to stop us. The did not get their way and always keep changing their attacks. 1988 <motorhomes like mine in TN, did not work. 2 Women and a Hole invitation for blackmailing me, did not work. You stile $15 Million then form my family and think you will get away with it. Today that theft will cost you far more than your dirty money can buy. All I have to do is keep praying with all the body of The Christ.

God Wins.

Don’t Prey!
Rev 22:11