College vs. Trades

So many people I know, ended up going to college and getting useless majors. I feel like most people don’t look at trades or other forms of schooling and careers when they graduate high school. The worse part is people spend so much money, or fall in debt for these useless majors, and some people aren’t even able to take them any where.


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I didn’t know that trade schools were a thing til after all my free financial aid ran out. I super regret it. Trade schools are great.

I got an associates degree in mechanical engineering. I went back a few years later to get a certificate in machining. I get paid hourly, but it’s good money at the company I work at. Something else that’s interesting to note about trade is they are less stressful. Realize this, a stock broker and a lawyer might make more money than a plumber or eletrician, but the trades men never have to worry about work. There are countless stories of people going to business and law school, only to find out that the job are very hard to get, even though they pay well.

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I attended school on the East Coast, and in Boston. It was a magnifico enuniversitas. I studied it all, with a major in Historie. When I finished, I kept studying and kept working, and overtime was mlan. The university or college path are often higher than all others, though may nary be enfruition until later in life - 40 years of age or so, even after. I trust the academe of the world, as it’s a broad context that “opens doors”. The usual en via nien, or televisor, is that the academics of the world are elite. It’s not always true, though, as Mr. Elon Musk attests to learning by rule, where the rules are your own, and quite an innovator he esree.

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Honestly, Trades don’t seem half bad.