Creating an Effective Mass Distributed Intelligence Network

Mass distributed communication (MDC) is invaluable for fighting propaganda wars, to effectively utilize MDC to gather real time intelligence. By taking the time to format claims and sources
in a regular way we can still share everything that we’re seeing while giving everyone a more accurate
understanding of how much weight a given claim should be given.

  • List claims
    Under claims list
    – Source(s)
    – Brief note on source if relevant
    – Truth/Falsity of claim if known
  • Copy, paste, and modify the same post as the night goes updating as necessary
  • List known developing sources
    – i.e. live streams, police scanners, news sites etc.
    The end result of this will be to allow anons to more accurately gauge the truth of the claims being
    spread and for an increasingly refined picture of events to be generated as a given happening progresses


  • Developing Sources:
    – YouTube
    – Local police scanner
    – Some guys live drone footage -

  • Claim: Shots Fired

  • Source:
    – Initial
    —Screen shots (posted after this message)
    @someguy said they heard it on the radio

  • Final Verdict
    – Official Police Statement faceberg.nose/pigs

  • Claim: Siege is underway cause of red flag laws being used to confiscate a 30 round mag

  • Source:
    – Initial
    —The guys instagra
    – Final Verdict
    ----- Official Police Statement faceberg.nose/pigs

  • Claim: (Unknown) The event had nothing to do with red flag laws

  • Source:
    – Initial
    — Official Police Statement facebook
    ---- Note: We’re waiting to hear the final word from whiskey

This can be easily be updated and spread and puts all the relevant info in a concise format