Don't forget what this Plandemic is really about

It is sad, we could have used the gook flu to push so many talking points:

  • Outsourcing manufacturing to China has resulted in the economy collapsing. Something like this affects every industry on some level…from manufacturing to hospitals to small businesses to big grocery stores. This is the system that vulture capitalism has created. “Socialism sucks” they say, but relying on communist slave labor is so much better?
  • Diversity it is not a strength, as the two hardest hit areas for the coronavirus include northern Italy and NYC, which have huge Chinese populations and pushed anti-racist campaigns to “hug a Chinese person” and attend Chinese lunar new year celebrations.
  • The global capitalist system is fragile. It collapsed in a week.
  • The government is bailing out the airline industry again, despite throwing scraps to the working man.
  • Trump should have closed the borders and shut down flights from China, and because he didn’t, we now have to shut down our lives and our businesses.
  • The medical industrial complex takes so much money from us, yet they claim that they can’t handle a pandemic. Where did the money go?
  • We do not need more immigrants if our medical system can’t even support our current population.
  • An immigrant might get a ventilator or a hospital bed instead of your grandma.
  • We can bring manufacturing back from China and create so many jobs. Look at MyPillow making masks, GM making ventilators, the states making their own hand sanitizer. We can and should rely on our own people.
  • The lügenpresse is full of shit. They were caught lying twice just last week about hospitals in New York City.
  • Vibrant liberal cities are complete shitholes. If you can, move to the country and become self-sufficient. This event has shown us that the supply chain is fragile and that we need to start growing our own food and forming our own communities.
  • Jews are still congregating in large groups at synagogues, yet our churches are closed. Their kids are also attending private Hebrew schools.