Europe after US Elections

Hello dear companions.
I’ve been wondering for a long time what might happen if something like civil war breaks out in the US. How do you think the European NATO partners will behave?
Would they also be against Trump if he were elected?

I think most Western European countries would support the Leftist, except Britain. Same with China. Russia and Eastern Europe would probably support the right. I know the US has the biggest military, but I doubt that would have the same amount of power in a civil war, since it would be devided. Even if we had a President give orders, we would still see people defect in place, and I think this would be the biggest hinder of the US military. Remember most of the fighting part of the military is right winged. We do have some leftist in the military, but they are mainly in admin, and non combative roles. If it really came down to civilians fighting, I think the right would come out on top. Most people don’t want a civil war, and the two extreme sides that want a civil war have two different cultures. Let’s look at ANTIFA, NFAC and the boogaloo bois. They are both different, and this is most notable on social media. NFAC wants a fight, but if you look at how they handle weapons, they really don’t know what they are doing. ANTIFA wants a war, but always need the system to help them. They also only deal with home made destructive devices, and melee. The right and the boogaloo, they have a different belief when it comes to fighting. They had more time to to familiar them selves with firearms and collect ammo. Even though some people on the left own guns, they don’t have much experience with handling weapons, or have ammo stored.

I think the right would come out on top.

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Thanks alot mate
Mercenaries make a huge difference these days. See Armenia-Azerbaijan War. Armenia actually had a better chance of being buried in the mountains. The combat-experienced IS assholes and the Chechens tore the war around.
Same in Ukraine. I was there in 2017. Everything full of foreigners and Chechens. I think if there really was a civil war, many Poles and Ukrainians would fight for the right in the US, but yes, it is almost impossible to predict that. Germany will not intervene, they are too weak and have a very cowardly leadership (Merkel). Great Britain would be a different story, especially since they are culturally much closer to the USA than e.g. France.
But what I believe is that if the US really start to fight each other, it will also start in France and Italy.