Facts about the NWO

So, couple things, I’l try to make them brief:

the NWO have been sewing discord in order to destabilize human relations across the globe by creating separate, targeted reality matrixes for each and every group on Earth >/pol/ is the one that they set up for disaffected white male youths, entire board is designed to radicalize you, make you say things that give them ammunition against you, turn you against other people and perpetuate social chaos

The NWO includes many “Jews” (most are actually Khazars but more on that later), but is not strictly "the Jews,’ and many (probably most) Jews are just normal, paranoid people who have their own social engineering programs meant to make them reactionary and paranoid

A tiny ass group of people runs the entire global financial system and they are the enemy of mankind, period, full stop
Black people are being put through the exact same racial mind rape program that you all are here and it feels just as real and scary for them as it does for you, which is why they are reacting with intense aggression

The furthering of antagonism only leads to further chaos and destabilization, which is why they encourage you to antagonize other groups rather than bite the bullet and work toward harmony instead

The time has never been better to drop all the horseshit and turn people against this global crime syndicate running their lives, they are more aware than ever and ready for it, and nobody wants the alternative of bloodshed, chaos and collapse

That’s a few just for starters. Anyone else who is of like mind is welcome to add what they’ve got, as far as their two cents. | also suspect that long term we will need a different website, maybe a new chan site, for the people who get it, because too many of our bros are full-on autobots blinded by racial mind rape, and because feds are watching and will derail all of our efforts.


Understand this, there will always be people drawn to things like socialism, most often because when are young and idealistic. The conditioning makes them choose between capitalism which is actually corporatism, which is just fascism and socialism/communism. Most don’t understand the basic principles of free enterprise and why that is so crucial for the development of the modern world and from keeping it from toppling over.

They are taught that in order to care about their environment and their fellow man that they must cast aside individualism and libertarianism(which they have been propagandized into believing is actually lolbert radical individualism). This unironically gives way to wokism, which the corporate powers that control the world love since it replaces class consciousness and divides people up under a theoretically never-ending oppressed groups.

So understand that there will always be leftys and rightys and the first step is to shift the leftys back toward class consciousness. From there, they can be further redpilled… but that is the first step.

Common Questions about the NWO

What is the New World Order?

essentially a form of central global governance based on totalitarianism, authoritarianism and technocracy. The closest political system comparable would be a mix between fascism and communism. The backbone of it lies in the reliance on technology for total surveillance. Literally every breath, movement, communication or transaction of every single human on earth will be monitored in real-time by Als. This also means obviously a central world currency and a society that is fully digitalized and linked through biometry. Other key factors of the NWO are: no private ownership, ‘trans-humanism’ meaning that humans will be implanted with chips or bio-tech to enhance and control them even better, and depopulation because you don’t need 7 billion people for the system to work.

Who is in the NWO?

Unironically (You). Every human is unconsciously complacent with it. By using google, facebook, apple and inputting every aspect of your life into it. By using things like paypal or other digital payment options. Most importantly by installing cameras: CCTV, camera doorbells, ‘smart home’ devices. They’re all the backbone of the new system and you normalize them. But! think your question is more directed towards the initiators of the NWO. Those are basically the organizations like IMF, WHO, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, central banks, the EU, the UN etc. They’re the umbrella . The actual country politicians are their executors: bought puppets. Also the top 1000 companies in the world (like apple, huawei, microsoft, facebook, google etc.) are fully integrated in their plans because they provide the tools necessary like biometric scanners, surveillance cameras and backdoor your hardware and keep you busy consooming.

Who runs the NWO?

Basically the heads of the aforementioned companies and political entities and various private actors like Soros, Gates etc. Most of them are Jews but many are just extremely rich people with a god complex.

How is it possible for them to stay in secret when they’re so many? Wouldn’t one of them eventually slip?

Of course not every single employee at a tech company or every single politician is aware of the scope of their plans. They follow orders in exchange for various gains. Those orders come from the IMF, WHO, WEF or central banks. Itis not necessary for them to know either, because their use is temporary. This is why core members of the NWO rarely take on positions in elected politics, because it would limit their power. Instead they are behind financial institutions, private companies or remain as ‘advisors’.

How is technology the backbone of their plans and how do they implement it in society?

Technology is essential for their plans to allow for total surveillance and control of all humans on earth. They generally mask their ambitions and tricks in consumer devices, often under the guise of convenience or security. It is important to note that they never force it upon the population, but use the effects of normalization and conditioning for people to accept being under surveillance. The best example would be smart phones and social media: People love them. They’re not only tracked and spied on, but people are willingly reporting every single event of their lives in them and communicate exclusively over messengers which monitor and log everything. The recent years allowed for people to install surveillance cameras everywhere. In stores, public transport, building entrances, drive ways, even in their living rooms. This normalizes surveillance as a regular part of life and allows them to later expand these measures step by step, until cameras are everywhere. Basically whenever you hear the words ‘security’ or ‘smart’, you can exchange them for ‘surveillance’: Surveillance phone, surveillance watch, surveillance camera, surveillance home, surveillance cars, surveillance cities. People are not opposed, but think they are useful or entertaining.

What are smart cities?

The 'smart cities’ are giant mega cities that are conceptualized like high-tech gulags. Every square meter, both inand outdoors is under constant surveillance of cameras, drones and robots which are all linked over a central Al that runs the city. There is no transport but autonomous cars and trains. It would lead too far to explain the full scope now but they’re already building the basic grids of these cities. It’s still a long way until then but you can see the first structures. Remember that humans need to be conditioned slowly and gently. They must see it as a utility to society, which is why it was a big success for them to condition humans to willingly install CCTV everywhere by themselves Police Unlock AI's Potential to Monitor, Surveil and Solve Crimes | WSJ - YouTube - YouTube - YouTube

How are they planning to enslave humanity?

We are still in an early stage, so they go slowly bit by bit through digitalization of human identification and payment. These measures come straight from the battlefield, same as drone tech. During the 2000s the military tested biometric scanning on poor Middle Eastern families to log them in a database and to cut them off from water and food, depending on if they gave up their biometrics. Then first countries started to roll them out bit by bit, always depending on how servient the population is. They tend to test things first in regions where people are poor: - YouTube Mn8tow

From there it goes rather quickly to deny people the right to have a telephone or bank account: India's biometric identity cards spark privacy concerns - YouTube

In Western countries they have to move more gently, so they implement the system in other ways and collect people’s biometrics through phone apps or consumerism: https://www.macrumors.com/2020/08/12/instagramaccused-of-harvesting-data/ Amazon One: an easier way through your day - YouTube https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=a-CbKbLPRIO

What is 'the great reset’ and how are they using the pandemic to further their plans?

There are some good videos about this that explain the plandemic and its link very well: COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity - YouTube Documentary: The Great Reset - We are All Agenda 2030 - YouTube

They are basically using the pretense of a pandemic to further the societal changes kickstarted by 9/11. 2001 brought ‘war on terror’. 2010s made it global. 2020 brings bio-security: A war against an invisible enemy that can be in anyone. Apart from further erosion of freedom and expansion of the police state, they also condition humans to obey orders, shy away from human contact (important to prevent dissent) and to establish a state of constant crisis. They collect DNA through test-kits: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/european-1million-genomes-initiative They plan to crash the economies of the West to erase small businesses (remember there is no private ownership in the NWO) in hopes of then creating the ‘great reset’-scenario which will establsih the setting stone for a new digital currency that is a product of the central banks. It will eventually phase out cash and be linked to your biometry. You will not own any monetary value, but you will pay with your body on allowance of the NWO. As always, they’re testing this in poor places: https://reclaimthenet.org/gates-digital-id-vaccine-recordand-payments-system-tested-in-africa/ Censorship is rampant because they do not want any interference: California Doctor Delivers Chilling Message About Covid-19 FULL VIDEO In the end there will only be the top 1000 companies and those who adhere to what they call ‘stakeholder capitalism’ which is basically labor under their direct control.

They tested the whole scanario months in advance: https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/bill-gates-is-lying-andyou-should-ask-yourself-why_T10VvWGaiPKhHUB.html Keep in mind they often change terminologies from NWO to ‘sustainable development’, ‘agenda 2030’ or ‘great reset’

Why are people saying they are behind mass migration and what is the purpose?

They purposefully transfer large masses of people from Africa and the Middle East to Europe in order to further the state of chaos, economic burden and to dilute the cultural identity of Europeans. They do this because Europe is the main thorn in their eyes as they uphold strong national and cultural identities and thus maintain greater societal cohesion, which is the exact opposite of what they want. They want to create a mongrel population of displaced and disenfranchised people without common cultural identity or shared values. This is the only way they can successfully infiltrate and demolish Europe from within. The EU was founded upon that exact purpose: To create an umbrella of supposed unification and trans-nationalism, which in reality serves to undermine the indiviual member states’ consitutions and create leverage to erode people’s rights and implement NWO agendas. The homeless brown mongrel population resuiting from this will ask no questions, have no political impact and their children will be their future ‘police’. They will be the NWO enforcers of tomorrow. They don’t know morals or ethics and ‘just follow orders’. This dumbed down, voiceless population is more likely to take China-style measures too for their children: How China Is Using Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms | WSJ - YouTube

In the long run they also want to concentrate people in these dense populations because this is where the smart mega cities will ultimately stand. The NWO generally does not want people to live outside of the big cities for obvious reasons and they want to completely erase all borders as they stand directly against their concept of central world government reigning over intercontinental mega cities.

What are the uprisings and protests around the world about?

They are instigated by the NWO, same as they always operate under the guise of philantropy or social justice. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ or ‘Back the Blue’ protests or even the ‘Anti-Lockdown protests are all instigated by them. They perfectly understand the concept of ‘doublethink’ coined by George Orwell: A system in which you can let people think they are taking different, opposing political stances and positions, but ultimately they all forfeit the same agenda. It doesn’t matter if you’re white or black, left, right or anything in between. They all use the same phones, social media, internet, vote for the same parties, use the same money. It would NEVER occur to them that their entire political cosmos is a procured playground. In the end, whether they upkeep the old systems and leaders or if they overthrow them, they will both create a new hardened rule of ‘order out of chaos’.

But that’s not possible. You can’t infiltrate and control every single political entity and movement in the world

Correct. But they don’t have to. Remember the NWO is never directly involved with politics. They only stay in the background and steer the events towards their agenda. Yes, sometimes it is more troublesome and the agenda moves more sluggish, but they are patient. They don’t think in days or months, but decades. If their plans halt for 5 or 10 years, it is no big deal. There will always be a next crisis around the corner and every political party will eventually adhere to either the UN, EU, IMF, WHO, WEF or any of their main hubs.

There are many outlets reporting about the NWO. Why are they not shutting them down?

Again referring to the concept of 'doublethink’, it is important to give the people the possibility to gather their suspicion and dissent in allocated areas of the web. Let them discuss, unravel, deomstrate and revolt. Many of those journalists and influencers dedicate solely on the exposure of the NWO like Alex Jones and others. There are different opinions about this, but some cail them 'Gate Keepers’, people who are deliberately laying out the NWO agenda in the open. There are also tv-shows like ‘Black Mirror’ which expose their plans openly. Psyop agents like Edward Snowden and others. They all expose the NWO agendas and thus create (willingly or not) a type of predictive programming: The normalization of the agenda through pop-cultural exposure makes it less foreign to people and subconsciously prepares them to accept it later on. “Haha, we knew this was coming! Told you so!” is what you often hear when governmental orders put the NWO agendas in place. These outlets also provide a containment effect on political dissenters: They find solace and fulfillment in the ability to gather in online forums and discuss the NWO unhindered. It keeps them docile, sitting at home behind their screens instead of taking real-world action. So in a sense all reporters, influencers and forums dealing with the NWO are automatically contributing to their cause.