From an Italian Anon

Italy anon here. For weeks now, | have been watching things unfold in the US, and watching the virus-bullshit ebb and flow here in Europe … and it has been clear all along that the two are DIRECTLY connected.

When it seemed likely to “Them” that Biden would get in, the alleged virus-statistics in Italy immediately plummeted overnight, and things loosened up. When it became evident that POTUS will remain in the WHouse, the stats magically soared and the Italian govt started screaming and locking everyone down again.

(BTW there is no fucking virus here, nobody’s sick beyond the usual seasonal flu, hospitals are empty.)

What George Papadopoulos has said from the start about Italian-govt involvement in the plot to take down POTUS simply MUST be true, based only on the way "They’ are acting/reacting. The Italian swamppoliticians (which is all of them, except for Salvini) are shitting bricks right now.

Anyway, TODAY the govt announced that they are contemplating a Christmas lockdown nationwide that GET THIS!would bar EVERYONE FROM LEAVING THEIR HOMES for Christmas. Even in the hysteria of this past spring, nothing was ever close to this drastic.

Anons, “They” are terrified. Something is coming soon and “They” seem to know it will trigger a mass uprising of some kind