Go fund me supports ANTIFA but not Kyle Rittenhouse

Go Fund Me is a leftist activist group whose staff members personally give money to fund raisers for antifa criminals.

They deleted Kyle Rittenhouse’s drive: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-us-free-kyle

This is how the system suppresses us and denies normal people the right to a decent lawyer and a fair trial.

Go Fund Me supports far left extremism, including staff raising bail and lawyer money for violent anarchists – a violation of their own ToS.

Artificial fundraising advantage antifa has over ordinary people thanks to these tech CEOs cannot be overstated.

The “antifa” strategist, Spencer Sunshine, has written on tactical importance of denying their victims the ability to obtain decent legal counsel in cases like Kyle Rittenhouses.

We need legal organizations with a warchest ready and willing to do this work probono.