Go fund me takes down anything against the agenda

If you haven’t heard some was using a rifle to defend themselves, yesterday when so rioters decided to approach them with a pistol and beat them with a skateboard board. If you watch the video the guy way on the ground and couldn’t escape. Using his rifle was his only means of self defense. But he was later charged with murder.

Someone decided to set up a go fund me, but go fund me took it down, because it didn’t fit the agenda.



I know he was a boot licker, but this just goes to show how the left hates self-defense.

I mean the guy he shot had a gun and was attacking him. No they want to call it a murder.

Apparently there a fund setup on this site to help this guy out.

Made for some good memes.
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Also yeeted a pedo along with the commies

Good. He killed a pedophile and an alleged rapist. I liked watching that pedophile Rosembaum cry and die. Great video.

The left has to make it so the protestors feel safe, and make it illegal for us to protect our selves.
It’s all just social engineering.