How the left can win a Civil War

They do have some advantages for a civil war, think about it.

They own all the big cities

Gurilla warfare via subway/underground tunnels. You rednecks won’t know what’s coming

They have the msm on their side. Daily updates and tips from news anchors.

They have social media on their side. We can send text messages to our troops. >Celebrities will endorse us

Blacks and Mexicans are on their side and they have guns and are taught to hate rednecks so should be an easy win

They own the education system, teaching young people why the right are a terrorist threat to America and must be destroyed at all costs or other propoganda.

1. They own the BUREAUCRATS of all the big cities. Most of the population isn't Left. If they had to fight somewhere besides downtown, they'd quickly die.
  1. Guerilla warfare is about finding and obtaining resources. A subway is like a long and empty warehouse. One gunshot in those concrete halls will deafen everyone nearby. They’ll run away in tears.

  2. It’s interesting to think that the MSM will suddenly be capable of factual reporting. Cheerleading, sure. But hard facts? Especially about defeats? Unlikely.

  3. Social Media versus a rifle? I don’t see the contest. Celebrities versus a baseball bat? Still not seeing it.

  4. Rhodesia proved otherwise in contests typically 20 to 1. It was the banker Jews, not the insurgents, that brought the White Rhodesian out of power.

  5. Homeschooling for the win!