How to not get doxxed on Facebook

Following these practices could save you from loss of employment, and given the willingness of these “people” to commit violence against dissidents, potential assault or worse. Let us not forget who exactly we are dealing with here, and the rage that laughter provokes in narcissistic individuals. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the group administrators. We will be more than willing to help you to address any problems you may having.

First and foremost, you MUST protect yourself on Facebook. Your timeline needs to be locked down, as well as your current city, your employer, your hometown, and your likes. While these seem insignificant, these small pieces can be used to distinguish you from another person of the same name.
This can be done in the privacy settings on Facebook. The images provided should give you an idea of what and how to limit your settings. “Friends only” may be your first thought, but custom or “only me” is more secure. Still, this choice is up to you.
You should also consider limiting your location data. This can give an idea as to where you live and work.

Make it all but impossible for anyone to find you on Facebook unless you WANT them to find you. Make it so that only friends of friends can send you requests, and if you decide to friend someone outside of that circle, YOU can send THEM the request. Privacy settings can be changed in an instant, so it’s only a minor inconvenience to alter them when necessary.

SET UP 2FA! Two factor identification can be utilized to prevent individuals that already have some compromising information from being able to access your account and gain more. It’s not only a good idea for just anyone, but especially someone who speaks out on controversial topics concerning dangerous, violent, authoritarian individuals. You can use multiple forms of backup identification, but the most secure is an app like “Authy” that ties your account to your specific devices. No one can access your account without a device running your personal key in the background.

Other platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter can be used to cross reference your data as well. The best advice is to private anything and everything you can afford to.
LinkedIn is one of the more common applications used for doxing, given that people list their current employer. A good piece of advice is to only list previous employers anywhere. NEVER list your current employer, city, or school on any social media, only your previous one.

Online background checks do exist, but without payment, they will only show previous addresses. Given that these individuals usually do this fairly often, the chance that they can afford the fee is slim.