I know this site is new

I know this site is new. I just want to let you guys know, I’m all ears when it comes to ways to improve this site. I figured that since Facebook and Discord have been so concerned with censorship, I would start this. Don’t be shy, but nothing illegal. Please.

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Nice site

New fag here. I found your website advertised on 4chan a few days ago and then yesterday got an arbitrary ban for responding to a raid post (like there is a way to tell). This message board is a good start might be willing to risk another ban to advertise it. Nice alternative with that you can look up a topic that you are interested in. :grinning: and post Pepe memes. :frog:

Anyway I noticed that there is no option in the News section to look up topics chronologically from the original post. Possible suggestion? I am not familiar with how it works to get a topic at the top yet.

Glad you enjoy. I have it set up so what ever was commented on last goes to the top of the category. I did this, because it seemed like the easiest way to make something that people are talking about goes up front. I felt it was more important to bring what has the most recent responses to the front rather than the latest article. Who cares if something is new, if no one cares to talk about it. But that is a good point.

Anyway thanks for the advertisement. It’s much appreciated.

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Its a good site, I think it might take off in the new ages of the darkweb. Maybe make it a TOR hidden service and I2P site, not that anybody I know can setup I2P by themselves…