Kyle Rittenhouse

You Americans need to be ready for what comes next. There is going to be a lot of disinfo surrounding last night and you guys need to be able to correct the record. This entire night was so perfect for redpilling fence sitters and normies.
This boy defended himself against one rioter who chased him into a parking lot. He defended himself against more aggressors, one of which brandished a pistol.

You guys need to be ready with all the footage that has been gathered. You can save videos from twitter and youtube using web based converters.


Compilation of everything:

interview 1 with Kyle:

interview 2 with Kyle:

“Shoot Me” guy instigating:

“Shoot Me” guy throwing object at Kyle while chasing him into a parking lot, gets shot:

Another angle of the first shooting, object on the ground not sure what it is anymore, could be a homebrew molotov, could be his moms lunch:

weaker angle:

Extended clip of him fighting off mob and subsequently turning himself into the police:


This is textbook self defense.

Meet the antifa “heroes” the media is glorifying.

One is a level 3 pedophile with an open domestic violence case from LAST MONTH.

Even the girlfriend who has made 70,000 from GoFundMe has a warrant out for her arrest lol.

Not one mainstream media outlet has mentioned these facts.

Judenpress describes Rosenbaum as a “loving husband and father.”

His 12.5 years in prison for molesting a child under the age of 15 and domestic abuse charges from last month suggest different.

Michigan ammunition manufacturer supporting Kyle

Public opinion of Black Lives Matter protests in Wisconsin, police behavior and related topics.

This is a dry look at the data and what has changed recently.

All data from before the Jacob Blake shooting and events in Kenosha.

Someone apparent leaked that Discover card is deplatforming merchants that send funds to Kyle Rittenhouse