Media and it's spell

The media is powerful, vastly powerful but it can be broken by just the briefest contact with reality. Crimes against us are suppressed then blamed on us. Nothing sends me into a rage like people even pro whites talking about blacks and the crack epidemic. A few gangster movies, albums and documentary films after the fact and it’s the white man who caused the crack epidemic and black man who suffered. But if you have people in a white working class area you will find dozens of ex crack addicts, older white homeless people are almost universally crack victims. Find a working class white guy aged 28-40 who wasn’t raised by his parents and maybe has some fucked up teeth and slightly off look to his head. Be a good friend to him and odds are he will confide in you about his parents being crackheads. It’s brutal, it’s exactly the same as oxy or anything else. It burned through us same as anyone else but the powerful media capitalists and the middle class whites didn’t care to notice. It was “embarrassing” so they died alone in obscurity or rise up and beat it in their own with their small families. View your people as a separate class and you both get screwed.