Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery

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Reasons why you should buy this book

  1. Knowing is half the battle - The industrial scale rape of 1.5 million children [Conservatively Speaking] of British/Sikh children in Britain by Pakistani Mohammedans over the last four decades must be known in DETAIL by the population if they are to fight against it, and prevent it
  2. The contents of this book are why Tommy Robinson has been persecuted and JAILED by the Globalist, Anti-British Establishment - Purchasing it and sharing it is an —OPTIMAL— way of doing your part in the Info-Culture War
  3. Inoculate Women, Children and loved ones against the Legacy Media HARDCORE PROPAGANDA of Silencing/Conflating/Openly LYING about this issue
  4. Understand the EXACT roots of the Islamic Doctrines that permit/promote a) The Legality of Sex Slavery b) The Legality of Child Marriage in Shari’a
  5. Understand the EXACT SCALE of the cover-up by the Media, Academics, Police, Child Protective Services, the NGO’s that actively try to SILENCE AND SUBVERT THE TRUTH
  6. The Amazon system prioritises in its system books that receive feedback/positive reviews, and this has received only negative ones [Likely by leftist assets] to keep the audiobook in a non-promoted/shadowbanned state.
    Please leave a review such that it gets promoted to a larger audience on the platform. Every instance of leaving a review ensures a wider audience comes in contact with the atrocities of this Mohammedan phenomenon seen in Britain and Holland most intensely