Only fans redpill

A couple girls I know have gotten into OnlyFans. Let me pass along some of the shit they’ve told me.

  1. You make no fucking money. One friend of mine has 32k followers on Instagram and started an OnlyFans page. It turns out not everyone is a thirsty old man and she has a whopping 13 subscribers - or about $100 USD per month. She has permanently ruined her reputation and has nudes freely available to purchase, for the cost of one restaurant bill. Remember that Maury meme from ages ago, “woman has sex for double cheeseburger?” She became that girl. Others have suffered a similar fate.

  2. To make money, you have to promote yourself, which is impossible. Instagram will immediately shadowban you or terminate your account completely. YouTube is a no-go. This means you have to get “in” with the sex workers on Twitter, and co-operate with women whom you don’t know, have never met, and are your direct competition. Women simply do not possess the ability to work towards a common goal with strangers the way you walk through a wall of bullets to revive bootylicker69 on Warzone. Sex workers are almost all mentally ill women which complicates this process even further. You have to rely on cooperating with crazy bitches who are your direct competition to help grow your account. Do you think this actually works?

  3. Doxxing. If you’ve pissed anyone off in the past, for any reason, whether they be a friend, ex-boyfriend, or a nerd you rejected in middle school, they will absolutely take five minutes out of your day to ruin your life and send all of your family members HD footage of you taking a dragon dildo in the ass.

  4. You will lose all of your friends. Another friend of mine had almost her entire social circle abandon her save for her boyfriend, who obviously didn’t give a fuck because he got to fuck his GF in a bunch of different outfits for money.