Operation ok groomer

From anon: Use your Twitter accounts to comment “ok groomer” under every post regarding LGBTQ sexualization of children.

If “ok boomer” made people flip their shit, I suspect this will make them come out as pedos and actively defend child molesting.

Let’s choose one latest LGBTQ social media post to asses the effect.
Godspeed lads.

Ok groomer - Target Acquired

Go down the trending hashtag and let it rip


Use throwaway twitter accounts and reply “ok groomer” to every post related to the LGBTQ sexualization of children. If ok boomer made people flip their shit, this will make them come out as the pedos they are and actively defend child molestation.

The effect will receive more attention and news coverage if we concentrate our attacks on the same tweets (as opposed to scattershot replies that get lost in the noise)

search twitter for “ok groomer”, “trans kids”, etc. to find targets
like every ok groomer reply
use an image like pic related to evade twitter word filters
post screenshots of salty groomers ITT
thank based Poland anon for coming up with this idea

Don’t see an /okgg/ in the catalog? Copy the OP from here and make one:

We will need a steady and sustained effort for this to influence the dialog and receive media attention. Godspeed lads.

How do we know /pol/ is full of glowniggers and compromised?

Posting “Ok groomer” can get you banned

Old but you get the point