Pandemic World Wide

The United Nations General Assembly has approved a resolution proclaiming Dec. 27 as the International Day of Epidemic Preparedness

The assembl…expressed deep concern that without international attention “future epidemics could surpass previous outbreaks in terms of intensity and gravity.”

At a huge Soviet-era virology campus in Siberia called VECTOR, a sudden, unexpected explosion in September blew out the windows and set parts of a building ablaze
VECTOR… maintains one of just two repositories of smallpox-causing virus in the world

Neither can we exclude theft of pathogens during the chaos and aftermath of the explosion, or that the explosion itself was deliberate to enable theft.
In the case of theft of biological materials, an index case may occur anywhere in the world, and in the case of engineered or synthetic pathogens, previously unknown disease syndromes may occur

Russian researchers made a DNA copy of the disease-causing parts of Ebola, then grafted them into smallpox
“Ebolapox would give the hemorrhages and high mortality rate of Ebola virus…plus the very high contagiousness of smallpox”
Congressional Record, Volume 144 Issue 26 (Thursday, March 12, 1998)