Pop Pope and FSP


So how much should a religious chief get involved in global politics? How much time should he spend defending his religious values?

The first answer should be zero and the second one should be 100% of the time. That is not what is really happening right now, Pope Francis originally from Argentina didn’t say a word about his own country recently approving abortion.

If you do a quick search on google you will see that he got very close relationships with people like Maduro(Venezuela), Lula (Brazil), Castro(Cuba) and etc but this is not just a coincidence, the left and far-left Latino Americana has infiltrated on the catholic church for years and now they are part of Foro de São Paulo(FSP ).

What is Foro de São Paulo? A group of left-wing AKA communists/socialists that have been dictating the political agenda of South and Central America.

The way they finance their political campaigns come from drugs especially cocaine coming from Venezuela, Colombia, and Bolivia.

So Pope for sure now that his friends are making money dealing drugs the question is he helping them too?


Clear and Present hoodalan.

Honestly I don’t think religious leaders should be involved in politics.