Portland Shooting

There has been a shooting in Portland, leaving a someone dead. The mission is to confirm the identity of the shooter. Pic related shows the shooter.

Estimated Events:
Suspect approaches victim. Victim uses pepper spray against suspect. Suspect fires two shot nearly instantly. Suspect runs away against traffic.


Video of the incident: https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1299931538717507584
Video of suspect: https://twitter.com/lavogueville/status/1299946317376974848
Video of suspect: https://twitter.com/JME_333/status/1299939420590821376
Video of suspect: https://mobile.twitter.com/TheRealCoryElia/status/1299914649006010368

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(https://archive.is/Ru0gC)GATEWAY PUNDIT LINK (https://twitter.com/gatewaypundit/status/1300084680692240388)


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We also have a thread on this:

4chan identifies Portland murderer - Patriot Party Intel

Antifa gloating over the tears a man sheds for his murdered friend.

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Portland antifa shooter Michael Reinoehl has been killed by law enforcement.

Michael Forest Reinoehl, who killed Portland Trump supporter Aaron Danielson, died in Lacey, Wash. My sources are telling me U.S. Marshalls went to arrest him.

Antifa accounts in their secret group chatrooms are calling the killing of antifa shooter Michael Reinoehl a police “execution.”

Related: Reinoehl said he was in the U.S. Army, but there is no record of that, reports the NYT.