Purging Trump Supporters

So let’s start this thread…

After pretty much cheating an election, this is happening.

The group that is afraid of guns, messes with the military’s food, and yells at police is at it again.

How do you think this is going to go over?


This is more gaslighting.
The desired effect, which has already started, is to get Trump supporters to jump ship; to say they secretly hate him, and to be uncooperative.
I’m not remotely worried and know no one that is.
Bring it
It won’t happen. It’s all tough talk. It terrifies bureacratic and spineless cucks, but that’s all.

They know their ship is sinking. When this whole thing goes to the Supreme Court, their win will turn to tears.

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Now there talking about sending us too camps


He has it backwards…
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Conservatives/nationalists have been treated like untermenschen during the the last few years. When Biden is POTUS we will be treated WORSE. Big tech has gangbanged us up the ass. We need to stand together and not let these sodomite bullies deplatform us any longer.