Suicide on Zoom over lockdown

An 11 year old boy shot himself on a Zoom call.

Spending the morning deep in prayer for him, his family and the people impacted by his life and death. When I woke up and read the headline, I felt unbelievable rage well up inside of me.

We knew this was coming. We tried to tell reporters at our first rally in Sacramento just a few short weeks after the first shutdown back in early spring. The reporters didn’t want to talk about it. They wanted headlines. They wanted to talk about the crazy anti-vaxers who were trying to co-opt the reopen CA momentum. Whatever.

We knew. People need people. Kids need human contact. We need each other. Fear separates. It separates us from each other. It separates us from God. They know that and that’s why they use it so expertly.

I’m sitting here wondering if people will take to the streets to riot and protest about this life taken too early? Will the celebrities unite and raise millions for this poor family who will be forever changed with the loss of their sweet boy? Will the people rise up in indignation screaming that “Children’s Lives Matter?!” Because, if there was ever a wrongful death that deserved riots and protests and unity and crowdfunding, THIS.IS.THE.ONE. (Of course, we all know the answers to these questions.)

This little boy and his family were victimized by Gavin and Jen Newsom and the public health officers that issue their edicts and the people who stand by and do nothing. Maybe he knew. Maybe this little angel knew that “it’s only two weeks” was just another disgusting lie. He clearly understood that we are NOT “all in this together.”

I’m going to say something that might make a lot of people upset and it might have some people calling me a cold hearted person. I’m ok with that. Here goes… If you are elderly, if you are immune compromised, if you deem yourself “too vulnerable,” then you should stay home. Stay home until you die a lonely, safe death. You are not our future. The children are our future and we are ruining them. Ruining them for generations to come.

Jen Newsom needs to hear from you today.
Seriously, flood her with calls, emails, tweets and FB comments. She commissioned a study and milked it for a few good days of virtue signaling. Her study showed that these shutdowns are ruining our kids. Depression, anger, suicide, loneliness. All the things. The resultant recommendation was for parents to monitor their children’s screen time and set a good example. No. That is meaningless. The answer is to get back to living. End the shutdowns. You’re smart enough to protect yourself. Take the steps necessary to make you feel comfortable and get on with it. I’ll keep saying it until someone listens. You are not living, you’re just “not dying.”

(Flood Jen with your messages. Why hasn’t she posted about this little boy’s tragic death?! This is on her shoulders. Her study told the truth. The children are suffering. It’s time to end these senseless shutdowns. Our children deserve better!
Jen Newsom:
Twitter - Jennifer Siebel Newsom
IG - Jennifersiebelnewsom
FB - JenniferSiebelNewsom
Email - will update
Phone - will update

Jen needs to be held accountable.)

Look, maybe I’m a total jerk. Maybe. This is Cali thing. That means the 11 year old mighta killed himself for a thousand reasons, like maybe he was about to be forced into gender reassignment, who knows? Lockdown? Sure, why not?
My point is two fold:

  1. there’s been a LOT of suicides - they get swept under the rug.
  2. the cure to this is not to be found in Jen Newsom’s Inbox. It’s to be found in a cartridge box.

I’ve had it eyeball deep with these 2nd Amendment cowards. They’ve talked the big talk for all these decades. They’ve talked the big stance of defending freedom. Now that there’s something - clear and present danger - they do bupkis.

And just as bad, when one of them grows a pair and DOES do something, guess which chimps will scream the loudest? Yup, the so-called ‘conservative’ radio voices will condemn them. The proud and proper citizens will view them with disgust.

We are gonna so completely deserve what we get.

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