Telegram is being watched

The above report that’s been released should be a stark reminder that we are all being watched when we’re online. This isn’t an insurmountable challenge though. Simply understand that youre constantly being watched and throw out fake personal details from time to time - today you live in rural canada and want a dog but dont have one, tomorrow you may be a disaffected teenager from LA; no one should ask or expect honest personal info online because it’s a basic security issue.

Remember too that if monitors are running in various chats, they can piece together comments youve made to construct a dox - unless of course youre seeding the ground with false info. An off-hand comment here or there about some trivial fake personal detail can be a powerful deception.

Of course at some point all pretense will be dropped and the state cyber security apparatus will be turned on us fully but whatever, we’ll have forced them to take off the mask.

Bit by bit we will bleed them of legitimacy. We will show the people that the conditions foisted on them are intolerable, and what happens happens.