The researchers advocate a four-step approach to reduce the influence of hate networks

1 - Identify smaller, more isolated clusters of hate speech and ban those users instead.

2 - Instead of wiping out entire small clusters, ban small samples from each cluster at random. This would theoretically weaken the cluster over time without inflaming the entire hive.

3 - Recruit users opposed to hate speech to engage with members of the larger hate clusters directly. (The authors explain: “In our data, some white supremacists call for a unified Europe under a Hitler-like regime, and others oppose a united Europe. Similar in-fighting exists between hate-clusters of the KKK movement. Adding a third population in a pre-engineered format then allows the hate-cluster extinction time to be manipulated globally.)

4 - Identify hate groups with competing views and pit them against one another, in an effort to sow doubt in the minds of participants.

Bullet 4 is particularly salient to us