The War on Dissent: FBI Gives Man 6 Months in Prison For His Political Beliefs

Here is the piece on Fred C Arena. He was charged by the FBI for “lying” on a government form, because they claim he had once been a member of Vanguard America, but did not mention this under the question “have you ever been a member of a group that uses violence to take other people’s rights away”

Just like that, the ADL connected FBI prosecutor not only brought this man up on ridiculous charges, but actually got the judge in the case to DENY HIM BAIL until he signed a bogus confession, e.g., “plea”. Arena had no criminal record.

This whole case could’ve been blown out in open court, but the FBI tortures people in political cases like this to ensure that rarely happens. Imagine sitting in solitary confinement for 4 months over a procedural “crime.” Welcome to America!