Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Includes COVID-19 Propaganda

My biggest problem isn’t that this exists in a mainstream video game, but the fact they’re trying to make it a “new normal”. It was supposed to end in May. For most of the world it already ended, but here in America they act as if you’re literally killing people if you don’t conform. They act as if we have to wait until no one dies at all. That was never the original idea. It’s frustrating. They want us to stay wearing masks and following orders for years to come. I live in California so I have to conform or get arrested.

Children will be playing this game. They’ll see this stuff and think “Oh no my parents aren’t wearing masks they must be evil.” Because they call you a hero if you conform. They ignore science and facts and keep pushing their agendas everywhere. It’s sickening that this can even happen in America.

Other than this I really enjoy this game. I used a tool to unlock free cam and took some screenshots of the game to show you guys what I mean.