Wait what?

So I made a joke about Joe Biden recently, and this happened.


What are your guys take on this?


What’s the context? What website is it and what did you post?

I get banned on Facebook for different stuff all the time.

It’s part of the censorship.

Try uploading the photo of Hunter smoking crack on Twitter. They have filters that automatically block certain images

Facebook and Twitter is such a joke. In 2017 they where pushing stories about the Russia conclusion and stormy daniels. Both stories turned out to be false. But now we have an actual verified story, and they want to cover it up, because now they care.

They only want push an agenda.

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I think that’s because when Trump began his term in office, he started filing an ad against Google etc. to lift ther monopoly. Not to mention that SiliconVally is progressive anyway. Google, Twitter and Co. are the greatest threat to the West.