Welcome to Patriot Party Intel

Welcome to patriotpartyinetl.com is a website, designed with free speech in mind. All of the big social media giants, have taken it upon themselves to censor, whatever they don’t agree with, or whatever does not fit their agenda. Patriot Party Intel is a place where your first amendment is secure. We will not take anything down unless it is in fact illegal. Feel free to post, share, and message about anything you want.


Thanks for excepting me to the site !

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I like this. Good idea bro.


Yeah. My friend made a site just like this, so I bought a copy off of him, and figured I’d rebrand it for free speech. It seems like a good idea with all the censorship going around.

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Thanks for the invite man. 1594258257640


Glad you like it.

Awesomeness :slight_smile:

Finally, website we can trust!

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Have at it.

I really hope to grow with this community. Seems really awesome. I love how the site is laid out and that cute robot at the beginning was really welcoming. I’ll try to participate in this site all the time and hopefully make some nice new friends on the way.

hope you enjoy

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Invite everyone you know to visit and interact with the site. The more people on here, the better it will become. Right now it seems like a lack of diversity plus being low in overall numbers of users has caused a stagnation. We need to get people from all walks of life on here, and from all political backgrounds. I could see this place being a center for intellectual conversation, if the right needs were nurtured. That, or it might just become another lurker corner of the great expanse of the internet. Lots of potential here. Lets see how it goes!

Fuck yeah, just got canned off of godlikeproductions a min ago, and disclose.tv a few months back… so looks like I may be spending a bit more time on unsilenced voice dot com and here at the SHAD from now on, hope to share comms soon :metal::metal:9192

Hope you enjoy.

Happy to be here!

Glad to have you here.

I am Here with you.

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