When Reddit Beats Wallstreet

This makes me very happy. Wallstreet coordinated short attacks have screwed investors since the beginning of Wall Street. To see them getting burned is a great feeling.

Basically, Andrew Left, of Citron Research bet that GameStop stock will go down, & was fronted stock by a third party, which he sells at x amount. At future date, you owe not money, but the stock, whatever it is. If the stock went down, you made money.

Internet autists from /biz/ (4chan) brought proposal to reddit to help buy all stock because big time investors bought more of the stock than actually exists in the market & then bought it all.

Stock will go up because until GameStop makes more stock, there simply is no stock in the market to repay the loan, but the loan has accrued $1.6 Billion in interest & penalties.

If you follow the stock market or dislike kikes, this should make your day.

/biz/ (4chan) & Reddit team up
decide to buy up all GameStop stock as Elites try to short it
so far in 5 days, just one big hedge fund has lost $1.6 Billion & climbing
SEC lawyer Jacob Frenkel on NBC says the GameStop stock buying MUST STOP
calls for a 10 day suspension on trading
Frenkel says that if you are buying GameStop stock right now that you are manipulating the stock market & will be arrested by the SEC
Frenkel is pretty much saying, “Only the rich can buy stocks & make profit. the peasants can not.”

Remember to always do the opposite of what the elites says & if elites are seething this hard, we are on the right track.
QRD on how a “short” works & one of the anti White jews that is seething
(Telegram: Contact @memoryholed)I know this seems like it has nothing to do w/ anyone that doesn’t play the market, but this event is as big as GamerGate in the way that it shows normies that the entire world they live in is a farce

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