Who is u/stonetear? In light of maxwellhill

I was reading Meme Magic: How Stupid Pictures of Badly Drawn Frogs Influenced the 2016 Election. In the chapter titled u/spez is a cuck there is a section about a Reddit mod with the username u/stonetear. It says that it was revealed in the Wikileaks that one of Hillary Clinton’s campaign employees was a Reddit moderator. The book doesn’t reveal who he is for lawsuit liability reasons. But given that maxwellhill is almost certainly Ghislaine Maxwell this could be very significant! does anyone know who this person is?

If you want me to post a quote of the entire section of the page he is mentioned just ask.

Yeah I think it would be cool.

It was getting late last night :sleeping: :sleeping_bed: but here it is.


Crowdsourcing can do amazing things. People all over the world went through tens of thousands of emails released by WikiLeaks and spread the evidence across the internet, quickly and for free.

Reddit has a large variety of topics and subreddits. If someone wanted, they could go to r/popping to watch videos of people popping cysts and pimples (80,000 subscribers!). But there’s also normal things, like memes, news, and information Technology questions and answers.

The WikiLeaks emails exposed the email addresses and usernames of people involved with the Clinton campaign. It’s said if you give a thousand monkeys typewriters and eternity, they’d eventually write the Bible. (Side note: typewriters? I’m old.) Give thousands of internet users some names and online histories will be dug up on all of them. 4Chan and Reddit users had found out the social media accounts of one of Hillary Clinton’s IT people: u/stonetear.

u/stonetear was the username of the Reddit account. He was on Reddit asking for advice how to permanently delete sensitive information and strip out the headers of emails to bypass security. The FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton for these exact crimes. u/stonetear mentioned he did work for a “very VIP” that “you would know”. His real name was in the WikiLeaks emails and people found his social media accounts from there.

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