Who's ready for COVID to be over

Just a few more hours…

What the fuck is wrong with Texas


It either is or isnt real, Wuhan 2019 Novel Coronavirus (“SARS-CoV-2”). If it is real, then dismissing it as a lie denounces the suffering of all those who died. If it isn’t, then "Huhuh haha, lol, Coronavirus is hoax. we knew we didn’t need to care about anybody else’s safety, cuz god protects earth!’. I figure thinking it is real is a good insulator against injury, whereas not caring is setting us up for failure if we happen to be wrong about it not existing and all being a fabrication of words.

I personally think it is crazy to think that diseases like this can’t exist. Of course this kind of thing can happen, and obviously, not knowing the damage form the disease first hand is a great privilege. I know somebody who I have only met online who contracted it, in Texas.

Wuhan 2019 Novel Coronavirus either does or doesn’t exist. What do you think? Are germs real? Does ‘eating some of the poison that kills you’ make you cured? Are y’all sum’ homeopaths?

Texas has moon.


This post didn’t age well.

I have moof.